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Hi there! I am Poncho, a developer mainly focused on PHP + JS, also a tennis trainer & coach, welcome to my Blog / Portfolio. Here you will find my professional experience, projects, certifications and hobbies. Please feel free to explore every corner!

Alfonso is the “ONE”.

Very disciplined and healthy guy , as his tennis coach during 14 years he showed what others almost never did . If you want a leader in your team Alfonso is the “ONE”.

Alfonso Jimenez Quinones

He is always thinking ahead, focussed on the details while not losing sight of the big picture

Alfonso’s diligence, pro active approach, and great communication skills quickly made him stand out from the herd. He is always thinking ahead, focussed on the details while not losing sight of the big picture, and an allround really nice guy to work with. His skills and personality quickly secured him a job with a great employer where he will be quickly climbing the ranks. Congrats on the job, I have no doubt you’ll go far!

Daniel Muhr

Alfonso’s work was exactly what I needed in order to build the website I had imagined

Alfonso’s work was exactly what I needed in order to build the website I had imagined- he’s efficient, helpful, quick, with great taste. He was always available for me and my website, with great suggestions and ideas. Working with him is a pleasure because he is both strict regarding business and friendly enough to create a great atmosphere. I loved the result of his work and I would recommend it surely further.

Georgia Zeta Founta


Last update: October 2020

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Urban Equestrian, Poland , Iłża

November 2020-Present

Working at the best qualified stable in the province of Iłża. In charge of implementing feature requests and
general maintenance of the site, such as:

Health, integrity, SEO management, hosting, etc.

Tasks achieved:
• Created a successful landing page for the company with all required information.
• Held meetings with the stakeholders to agree on design.
• Built different mock ups for the site.
• Implemented every feature request from DO.
• Added polish and English to the site.
• Used flexbox and responsive web design patterns.
• Created private mail system for Admin.
• Updated feature requests according to DO’s standards.

Used SW & HW: PHP 7.2, HTML 5, Chrome Dev Tools, WordPress, YoastSEO, ES6, React js, Express js, Node js, npm, npx, Bulma CSS, Semantic UI, Google API’s, Vue 3 (Router), Netlify, STRIPE Api, Heroku, Firebase & Axios.

PAY. Enschede, The Netherlands

December 2019 – November 2020

Worked at the fastest growing payment service provider in the Netherlands. In charge of translating docs, creating different envs on docker & testing plugins for world-wide known e-commerce systems, such as:

Magento2, Shopware 6, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.

Tasks achieved:

  • Created multiple dev envs with docker containers through a LAMP server.
  • Containers had different projects where the PHP version could be chosen.
  • Verified test data in test env to make sure QA is up to standards.
  • Translated the whole documentation to the English language.
  • Worked with AngularJS app: Refactored Bootstrap & added new functionality.
  • Used postman to check if data is sent properly to API .
  • Assisted with integration of external software into platform.
  • Worked with webhooks to execute SDK scripts (endpoint).
  • Overrode templates to show plugin content.
  • Merged code to test new features.
  • Used ngrok to tunnel test envs to colleagues.
  • Commits submitted to bitbucket.

Used SW & HW: PHP 7.0,7.2,7.3, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, Postman API, ngrok, PHP Storm, Laragon File System, Composer, Docker, Atlassian, bitbucket, PuTTY, WinSCP, Insomnia, Ubuntu 18.04, freshdesk.

Producciones Moviles de Mexico CDMX, Mexico


In charge of an application targeting the population of Mexico City and different states.

Developed 3 different campaigns:

D’gari (gelatin and flan powder leaders in México, with a high participation in the US, part of Dr. Oekter, international company with HQ in Germany and presence in 40+ countries)
Responsibilities and tasks achieved:

● First layout with DO and Stakeholders
● Adapt current platform to requirements
● E-mail validation System
● Bug fixing
● Prioritization of use cases
● Manage Databases
● Promotion protection (sanitize data.)
● In browser memory game (vanilla JS, sessions)

Medicos: The company partnered up with the top 10 most financially successful pharmacies in Mexico City and surrounding states.
Responsibilities and tasks achieved:
● Develop and maintain a website for this promotion
● Prioritize user input
● Conditional events (User authentication system)
● System reliability (Protect from duplicates)
● User session confirmation (data abstraction layer)
● local testing, implementation after requirements met (dev env)

Lindt: Partnered with Lindor, chocolate making company.
● Mockup presentation to DO
● Robust web app development
● Bug Fixing

Used SW & HW: PHP 7.0, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Node.js, JQuery, Laragon, Laravel, Composer, SQLyog, AWS, godaddy.com, TeamViewer, Ticket System, Slack, Sublimetext 3, User control.

Concord University Student Center & International Support Services.

Athens WV, United States


In charge of the safety & control of the desktop computers and Incoming Calls.
● Assist callers with HW and SW issues to then provide troubleshooting.
● Maintain the computers in a pristine state: internally and externally.
● Ensure hardware & software are virus free and up to date, according to the university’s standards.
● Assisted departments and student body to provide consistent and reliable solutions.
● Keep track of tasks and cases status on a ticket system.

Used SW & HW: Microsoft Office Suite, MS Office 365, projectors, towers, flash drives, online resources, radio transmitter, etc.


Name: Alfonso Jimenez
Gender: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Languages: English (Proficient), Spanish (Native), Polish (WIP) & Dutch (WIP)

2+ years of experience

  • Bachelor of Science in CIS, BA minor
  • PHP 7.2, MySQL, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, postman.
  • Trello, Slack, Git (Github), Microsoft Teams, bitbucket
  • Bootstrap, TWIG & docker products.

Interested in:

  • Intellectual and Interpersonal expansion
  • Exceptional applications based on SW development process (prioritized by use cases)
  • Constructive feedback
  •  Vue.js, React (MERN)


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems & Business Administration Minor
  • Concord University, Athens WV, USA 2015-2019


  • Proactive approach
  • Critical Thinker
  • Result driven
  • Leader ethic
  • Attentive to details
  • Rational problem solver
  • Positive & enthusiastic
  • Team-player



The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2020)

PHP for Beginners - Become a PHP Master

Vue JS 2 + Google Maps API

E-learning Compliance & Integrity

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